Monday, April 14, 2008

DIEP Flap Reconstruction And Breast Cancer Recurrence

Can DIEP flap breast reconstruction prevent detection of breast cancer recurrence? This is a very important issue that is often not discussed.

A handful of studies have shown that breast reconstruction (with any reconstructive technique) does not impact local recurrence or long term survival in patients with early breast cancer (stage I and II). The rate of local recurrence and length of survival is the same in patients with stage I and II disease whether they undergo immediate breast reconstruction (ie reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy) or not. For this reason most institutions (including ours) offer breast cancer patients with early disease immediate breast reconstruction whenever possible.

Patients diagnosed with advanced disease are more likely to be candidates for delayed breast reconstruction once they have undergone mastectomy, completed their cancer treatment and remained disease free for several months.

Breast reconstruction (with a DIEP flap or any other method) does not encourage or enhance breast cancer recurrence or shorten long term survival in any way.

Dr C


Dr Chrysopoulo is board certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and specializes in breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy for breast cancer. He and his partners perform hundreds of microsurgical breast reconstructions with perforator flaps each year including DIEP flap reconstruction. PRMA Plastic Surgery, San Antonio, Texas. Toll Free: (800) 692-5565. Keep up to date with the latest breast reconstruction news by following Dr Chrysopoulo's Breast Reconstruction Blog.


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