Monday, December 13, 2010

Travelling for Breast Reconstruction Just Got a Lot Cheaper

Great news! Well, to be honest, it's not really "news" anymore since it happened a few of months ago but I have come across several patients that didn't know about this so I thought I'd post about it....

PRMA Plastic Surgery and several San Antonio hotels have partnered with the American Cancer Society to offset travel expenses for breast cancer patients travelling to PRMA for their breast reconstruction.

Accommodation is now provided at either significantly reduced rates or at no charge on a space-available basis. This program is for patients who are having surgery at least 50 miles from their home. One caregiver is also welcome to travel with the patient. The program only applies to lodging Monday through Thursday (so weekends are NOT included). You also need to give advanced notice... at least two weeks advance notice is usually needed (remember this is on a space-available basis).

I encourage patients living more than 50 miles from San Antonio to call the American Cancer Society directly on (877) 227-1618 for more information and to take advantage of this great opportunity. Hotels conveniently located near PRMA can be found here.

Dr C


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Anonymous said...

Dr. C,

Thanks for sharing this. I was able to benefit from this program in march 2011 when I was there for my surgery and it really was a Godsend.

I am so blessed to have found you all

Patti Parker-Phillips

Minas Chrysopoulo MD said...

Your welcome Patti!

Making the decision to travel for healthcare is never easy, even at the best of times. I'm glad everything worked out for you and we're honored you chose PRMA.

Best wishes to you and hubby!

Dr C