Thursday, September 6, 2012

BRA Day SA - Join us!

I have to say, it's about time. Finally, there is a national push to increase awareness about breast reconstruction.

For years I have had to console ladies who were upset they weren't offered reconstruction at the time of their mastectomy. To this day, 70% of women facing mastectomy for breast cancer are not informed about their reconstructive options. Many have lived for years without a breast only to find out much later that they could have avoided the psychological and social impact of living without a breast altogether.

Now, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is trying to change that terrible statistic with a national Breast Reconstruction Awareness campaign centered around "BRA day" on October 17th.

Thank you ASPS!

We'll be doing our utmost to help out... PRMA will be hosting the first ever "BRA Day SA" on October 17th at the Witte Museum. It's going to be a phenomenal event full of fun, food, and of course the latest info on breast reconstruction. 

Admission is free and all proceeds will go to WINGS, a 501(C)(3) charity which provides comprehensive breast cancer treatment services to uninsured women in Texas. 

Please join us! More details here.

Hope to see you there!

Dr C


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Starak said...

Breast reconstruction awareness is important and for the many women who want it, it needs to be readily available. No argument. Available yes, though some of us see that in some places it has nearly turned into a ram down. Women faced with these decisions need to be aware of all of their options. I know many women like myself who were fully informed and from a quiet place in our heart for a litany of reasons, still CHOSE no recon. Some choosing a unilateral mx, and others a bilateral which included a contralateral prophylactic, again for a litany of reasons, and not just fear. Some very sadly forced into the option after a failed recon or for medical reasons unable to recon. And here we hit the wall of the never to be spoken. Some of us not only choose no recon but also may choose no breast forms and to live flat. The words may come out of the mouth of the professionals that some "choose" no recon but "choose" to live flat are the words NEVER spoken. Those of us who chose this option meet women all the time who are shocked to hear it is okay to live flat, to just say No to recon and/or to breast forms. Beautiful, feminine, educated women of every age and from every corner of the world who either chose it thinking they were the only one in the world or are considering the always unspoken option. The most surprising, dare I say shocking, aspect of this option is how very few people you see every day even notice the flat and for the vast majority of the very few that do, it is a minor detail. Just like there needs to be awareness of all of the possible recon options, there also needs to be awareness and support for those who look at all of the information and still choose no recon whether or not with breast forms all of the time, some of the time or never - OR change their minds - many times.
For those of you who do reconstructive surgery, I implore you to be compassionate, supportive and helpful with your skills to those women who chose no recon. They may still need your help to perform the necessary revisions to leave an unreconstructed chest as flat and aesthetically pleasing as possible. It is shocking and deplorable, the Plastic Surgeons who will not help a breast cancer victim with anything short of full on recon.
Here I say it: It is okay to say No to recon and just be Flat And Fabulous. Just one more option among the very many. From the deepest most quiet place in your heart, choose the best one for you.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my agreement to Starak's comment above. I have had no reconstruction and do not plan any, although I have been well informed about the options. So far I have not experienced any "psychological and social impact" of being flat. I wear small fakes most of the time, but even when I go flat, most people seem to notice me rather than my lack of breasts.

I think it is wonderful that reconstruction exists for those women who would like to have it, and I hope that plastic surgery professionals continue to work towards ever better methods and outcomes. But some of us are perfectly fine just having a scar.

Anonymous said...

I agree, every woman should hear all of the options available to her, including the option to live completely flat, or to wear breast forms rather than have recon. I have chosen to remain flat. Women need to know that it is an option and you can still be well adjusted and all female without recon.

Anonymous said...

We have a group for all the Flat AND Fabulous women out there! So if Breast Recon didn't work for you or if you opted out of more surgery, please come join us. We are a growing and supportive community.

Minas Chrysopoulo MD said...

That's great to hear and good to know. Far too many women dealing with this on their own.

Dr C