Thursday, October 4, 2012

My DIEP Flap Journey - Why I traveled from California to San Antonio for my Breast Reconstruction

A big "thank you" to Sharon Pira from Monterey, California for sharing her DIEP flap journey with us....

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2011 and underwent the whole routine of chemo-therapy, radiation and a full mastectomy of my left breast in March 2012. After all of my treatment was complete I began looking into my options for breast reconstruction.  My local doctor advised against an implant (because of the effect of radiation on the area) so he suggested the TRAM flap as the best option for me which I agreed.

In May 2012 I attended a women's conference in Scottsdale, AZ which was life-changing in itself, however I had no idea just how incredible this trip was going to turn out. On Sunday I got on a shuttle to the Phoenix airport along with another woman and as the driver pulled away I turned to her and asked, "Were you here for the women's conference?"  She said, No, I am a breast cancer surgeon from San Antonio, TX and was here for a breast cancer symposium. I removed the hat I was wearing to reveal my still very bald head and she proceeded to ask me questions about my treatment. She asked what kind of reconstruction I was having and I told her about the Tram flap. She asked if I knew about the DIEP flap? I explained that I had a friend in San Jose who was having the DIEP flap operation but that no one in my area performed this procedure. She gave me her card with the info about PRMA and said I should at least check out their website. We hugged at the airport and I thanked her for the info!

When I returned home I went online to the PRMA website and was amazed by the before and after pictures and actually found a picture of a woman who looked just like me and I could not get over how great she looked one year later. So I called the clinic and scheduled an appointment...

After sending my paperwork for insurance approval I was able to schedule my surgery for August. Everything from beginning to end went incredibly smooth and I am so grateful to the staff of PRMA for their amazing support and care during my hospital stay and my follow up appointments. I feel so blessed... and am thrilled with my results! It feels so good to have my new breast created from my very own body and my friends are all jealous of my incredible tummy tuck - Wow, what a bonus!"

Thanks again Sharon!

PRMA Plastic Surgery specializes in advanced breast reconstruction including DIEP flap, SIEA flap, GAP flap, TUG flap, Alloderm One-Step and fat grafting. In-Network for most US insurance plans. Patients routinely welcomed from across the USA. Please call (800) 692-5565 or email to learn more about your breast reconstruction options. Connect with other breast cancer patients at


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